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Feature: Brick Mortar (Feat. Trigga)


  • Prod. by Pluto Beats: Been About It, Brick & Mortar, Bbl and Chanel, Woosah
  • Prod. by Pluto Beats/Santo:   1000 Islands
  • Prod. by Pluto Beats/ProdHoops/prodjoco:  Karina's
  • Prod. by Pluto Beats/SIRSKY:   Game Gods
  • Produced by Houmi/ferno:  Palms
  • Produced by Gibbo/Quantich/Lorentz:  Mindreader
  • Produced by Prod.Switch: Better Than Me
  • Produced by Emkay: Mobstas Interlude
  • Produced by Brandon A: Cassius Freestyle

Cover Art and Photography:

Conor Martz

Engineering and Mastering:

Slim ERLabs

Brand Collaboration:

Special Thanks to RJ Hunter and Cosmic Streetwear for the brand collaboration.

Don Favelli

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Don Favelli is a San Diego-based hip hop artist, songwriter, storyteller and entrepreneur. His musical style captures complex, lyrical storytelling, reflection and observation, with an eclectic range of sounds from radio to underground hip hop.

Favelli is also the President of Favelli Enterprises Inc., an arts & entertainment media company.

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